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Biospharms ... Where & Why

Biospharms are commonly referred to as ARC’s (Agricultural Retreat Communities).  When searching for the best place on the planet for agriculture, Belize takes the top spot.  Why?  Belize has three growing seasons and as long as you are in the best spot in Belize the rainfall and soil are near perfect for growing almost any crop. Furthermore, the laws and language of the country are most favorable to western buyers.

Nothing more relaxing than taking a swim in the community swimming lagoon and then ending the activities with a nice siesta under the community tiki hut!

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Biospharms Layout

The layout of the farms is important for several reasons.  The Biospharms community is off the grid, with that being said, roof tops and windows must be designed to take full advantage of sunlight and breezes to help bring full enjoyment to the Biospharmer and their family.  These farms are fully fenced and securely gated to insure privacy and peace of mind.

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